Lining & Coating

Warning: Incorrectly maintained storage facilities can result in leaks, costing millions of Euros in product loss, environmental cleanup and possible prosecution

Whether you need storage tanks, process vessels or piping systems relined, Becson industrial services Ltd has the experience and equipment to meet the task in hand including airless sprays, plural-component equipment, and hand laid reinforcement of tank and containment structures.

Works inside tanks are classified as confined space access and require very stringent health and safety management. Temperature and humidity control is vital to the success of tank linings. Our professional teams ensure that the project is scheduled and completed to the required standard while adhering to strict quality and health & safety management.

To respond to our clients demands, Becson industrial services Ltd has further expanded our offering through our Concrete Repair Division. Bringing the exacting standards that has made us market leaders in Ireland for nearly 14 years in industrial coatings. Whether the concrete structure is old or new we have the experience, equipment and systems to help protect or restore it.

  • Assessment surveys of existing structures
  • Concrete repairs & treatment of rebar
  • Anti carbonisation coatings
  • Crack repairs using resin injection
  • Conservation works
  • Bund linings
  • Auto blast and diamond grinding
  • Waterproofing
  • Low track or low abrasion areas
  • Fiberglass reinforced systems for secondary containment and aggressive chemical attack
  • Non-skids for safety

Where required, Becson industrial services Ltd can include for 100% encapsulation of the work zone to ensure that our works has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Encapsulation such as shrink rapping scaffolding can also be used to contain old lead based paints, paint over-spray and help control the climatic conditions within the encapsulation


At Becson industrial services Ltd we can perform a variety of high-pressure and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water cleaning procedures which allows the removal of rust scale and thick film coatings without the use of conventional abrasives.

Some projects specify high pressure water washing as part of the required surface preparation, Becson industrial services Ltd can advise on the suitability of this pre-treatment method.

High pressure water cleaning is used to remove soluble salts, non-adhering old coatings and other surface contaminants, and is used as part of the standard pre-treatment for industrial painting.

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