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Olive Safety E-Learning – Olive Safety

Savings On Cost

You can benefit from huge savings on cost should you choose to take our course

online in comparison to the traditional classroom method. Companies we have

worked with have reported a 50% decrease in cost as a result of moving to the

online method. Why not make the wise decision to take our course online during these

recessionary times.

Savings on Downtime

It is without a doubt that huge savings on downtime can be achieved from

taking our courses online. Companies we have worked with reported a 70%

reduction on time spent on training from taking the course(s) online.

No time is lost traveling to the training centre and the courses provide

quick and precise intuition and interactivity on first class design.

Anytime and Anywhere

The other huge advantage of online training is that you have the

ability to take our courses anytime and anywhere. This means

that you can take them from your workplace or from the comfort

of your own home. The fact that you take the course on your own

in your own time means that you can go at your own pace and not

be restricted to the pace of the traditional classroom method.